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Ralpine Design has access to the entire Buster and Punch range of products for incorporation into the furniture we make for you and around your home. 

From the light bulb, the dimmer switch and the pendant lamp to the door handle and the cabinet pull, Buster and Punch are constantly creating an innovative collection of unforgettable design details.

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A collection of beautiful

solid metal kitchen handles, cabinet pullsdrawer knobs and furniture hardware to elevate your furniture.



Refined by hand and featuring Buster and Punch's signature cross and linear knurls, these are the details that will set your space apart from the rest.


All of the Buster and Punch cabinet hardware products are designed to complement their other ranges, such as lighting, in order to help you create the style you desire.

Heavy Metal Classic_minimal_A3_2.png


A collection of compelling pendant lights, wall lights, spotlights, ceiling lights, chandeliers and light bulbs. Designed to work in harmony with each other and cover all areas of a home or a commercial space.


Crafted from solid metals and featuring Buster and Punch's signature cross-knurl pattern and coin screws, these lights will help you set the vibes.


The lighting collections consist of EXHAUSTCAGEDHOOKEDHERO and HEAVY METAL and are all designed to work with Buster and Punch's ground-breaking LED light bulbs.

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